Out of surgery

3 06 2017

Well another surgery done. Just like last time I went in to have one lesion removed and by the time my surgery date came around I developed another lesion. I am seriously stitched up like an old hand made quilt that has been repaired one time too many.  This time it was on my upper thigh so it pulls on the stitches every time I try to sit down. I am trying to be easy because last time all the stitches tore open and it took about 3 months to close up and heal. I defiantly don’t want to go through that again. My chronic lymphadema is also out of control due to the surgery. Good news I made it through another surgery. I will start my immunotherapy injections on June 12th.  I will have injections every three weeks and it will take about 2 hours for each treatment. The doctors are talking about 6-12 months of therapy.  I just hope I can tolerate this and that it might keep the cancer away for more than year l!  I’ll post again after my first treatment to let everyone know how it went. I’m going to just believe it will be a peice of cake with no residual side effects.

Another positive update……my eyes are still really bad with the pre retinal detachment in both eyes and cataracts in both eyes from the chemo. I will have to be followed closely for as long as I live but they have finally stabilized.  Wooohoooo I was finally able to order new glasses so that I can see.

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend and asking that you all will continue to prayers for my friend Peggy. She needs all the prayers she can get as she continues to fight off two different cancers.

Thank you and love you all.

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