Patty Knight

I am 46 years old and the mother of two beautiful boys, one is 19 and the other 10.  In February of 2012 I had a suspicious looking mole on the outer part of my thigh.  This was very small but was somewhat concerning.  I had the mole removed by a dermatologist and about a week later I was told that it was nodular melanoma.  I have since had a wide leg excision and sentinel node biopsy which was positive.  I then underwent a lymph node dissection  of the nodes in my groin and a muscle flap.   The next couple of month were a period of recovering, working with a lymphatic specialist and wearing compressions to control the swelling in my leg.  I continue to have scans every 12 weeks, CT scans and Pet Scans, as well as skin checks with the dermatologist.  So what next……I had a recent ct which showed a new growth so I then had another pet scan to reveal new growths in both my right and left pelvic region.  WOW, I thought I was over the hump, on my way back to healing and instead I have found that I have just begun my journey of living with nodular melanoma.  I hope this blog will be useful for others to follow or to communicate questions or concerns.

God Bless you and do me a great big favor………

Enjoy life as it is precious and much to short.  Enjoy family and friends, be thankful every day, and most of all make a list of the top 5 things you want to do for fun in your lifetime and then create a plan and/budget and mark your calendar because it is time for you to fulfill your dreams.

The old saying my parents and grandparents used to preach was “Save for a rainy day”  I say the rain has begun so sing, dance and rejoice

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22 12 2012
Linda Cordery

So good to see you yesterday. Thoughts and prayers are always with you. Merry Christmas to you and the boys.

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