Oncology appointment in Springfield 12/4/12

5 12 2012

Hello to everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well.  I went to the oncologist again today and found out that my tissue block was received at Mayo clinic for the Braf testing and I should get the results either Friday or Monday.  The oncologist in St. Louis has a couple different studies he is looking to put me into once we have these results.  I am ready to start some type of treatment.  I have been having pain in my back and stomach and I now have two new bumps that have developed along the bottom edge of my ribs.  This was a little concerning so I am scheduled to have another pet scan tomorrow.  I am looking forward to just starting treatment so that I can be on my way to getting back to good,  and a normal healthy state.

Father God,

Enlighten what’s dark in me…

Strengthen what’s weak in me…

Bind what’s broken in me…..

Mend what’s bruised in me….

Heal what is sick in me…


Happy Heart Daily Inspirations



3 responses

5 12 2012
Kelly Wegmann

Will be thinking of you as you continue to get results and be the fighter you are!

5 12 2012
Sara Halada

I love you!

5 12 2012
Kirsti Carter (Dwight's sister)

Continuing prayers for you. Brenda keeps me updated. I’ve told her I’m here for both of you if you need ANYTHING, and I mean it. Stay strong my friend. Our Lord is with you and he’s bigger than any of this. I declare his almighty strength and power over this darkness that has invaded your body. His love, strength and grace will be with you through all of this. Hugs!!!

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