Follow up 12-14-12

14 12 2012

Well here I sit with nothing new to share.  Wow the worst part of this whole thing is the waiting.  My Braf testing is still not back from Mayo Clinic.  I guess it could be another week or two!  On one hand this could  mean no bad news before Christmas on the other hand the waiting is agonizing.  I am feeling pretty good so I can’t complain.  I have made plans for Christmas.  The boys and I are going to get up early and we will volunteer again this year to serve breakfast at the overflow shelter or the salvation army, whichever needs us.  This is such a great way to begin your Christmas morning.  This is the day to give your time, share your heart, be thankful for what we have and for what we can do to help others recognize what they have to be thankful for.     Later we will return home for a delicious home cooked meal and time sharing stories with family and creating new memories that will be cherished for many years.

I have included a couple new links at the bottom right side of the main page.  Please take a moment and click on the links.  I have recently included a link “Phil’s Friends”.  Please take a moment to check this site out.  This is an amazing group of individuals who help provide faith-based support and encouragement to those fighting cancer.   They have been so encouraging, I receive the most precious letters from children who have taken the time to draw pictures and write encouraging inspirational messages, jokes whatever they think will brighten my day and it does.  It is amazing to know just how much love is out there in the world.  If I could ask for one Christmas wish it would be to have everyone support a non-profit organization this year.  Can you spare an hour this year?  Can you spare a dollar?  The smallest gift whether money or time spent working with an organization will make the difference in someone’s life.

God Bless You All.


As I live each day

May I do my part

To make a difference and

touch one heart

Each day it is my goal

To bring smiles & Laughter

into a soul

(author unknown)



One response

15 12 2012
Patti Kain

My prayers are going out for great answers on your testing. I love reading your positive posting,which is what keeps you going. How true, to make a difference and touch one heart. After all the tragedy yesterday in Connecticut we all have lots to be thankful for, lots of prayers are headed their way. Love to hear the voluntering at Salvation Army. I’ve always wanted to do this to, this might be my year to do. Hope you continue to feel well and have a Merry Christmas.
Love ya Patti

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