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31 10 2015

Once again it has been much to long since my last post.  I have had such a rocky road with ups and downs and still I hold on to the idea that I will be better soon.  For all those who are struggling with cancer or health issues I pray that you all remember that a bad diagnosis is truly a blessing.  I had a very sad day today because someone I knew well and had the pleasure of working with died this week and today was his visitation.  He was 49 years young and was not sick.  The world has lost a wonderful caring physician who was the perfect description of kindhearted.  He was good to all people and all animals.  He spent his life caring for people, he treated his patients and co-workers as though they were family to him and lets not forget he also rescued and cared for his small zoo of animals.  I sometimes think his pets were actually treated as royalty.  He, unfortunately, did not have a chance to say good-bye.  For all of us who have been diagnosed with illnesses we have been blessed with the oppertunity to say and do all the things we want before our departure from this world.  We have the chance to become the kind of person who appreciates all the small things in life that most take for granted.  So, I say lets celebrate our diagnosis and do something positive with our life.  Let us do for others as we would want done to us.  Take the time to appreciate the beautiful fall days that lie ahead.  Say I love you to all the ones you love, kiss and hug your kids, visit or call your parents just because.  Take in a deep breath and smell the autaum air, feel the cool wind that blows through your hair and then thank God for another day.

I had originally planned to write posts so that others who have been diagnosed with cancer would be able to find comfort and strength in my words.  Unfortunately, I have not written much but that is because I have not had too much to write about.  I guess that in itself is good news right!  I will say that the road to recovery really isn’t a well travelled road and I am sure that each of us travels our own individual road with our own ups and downs.  I have been blessed to have some wonderful physicians who are part of my ongoing team of caregivers.  Like all of those times I have posted that my cancer returned I have been lucky enough to have had surgery and all my cancer is removed.  I will say the surgeries have been hard but I always recover.  I pray this time will be the same.  I have been suffering from chronic pain that is controlled with pain medication.  The last few months I have been having terrible pain in my right shoulder and arm pit that actually feels like bone pain.  The doctors that examined me believe it is nothing to worry about and that there may be some lymph nodes that feel a little enlarged but they do not seem to think they are anything to worry about.  I am not so sure that is true.  My doctors are not so sure any more either.  I recently had a mammogram and they were actually able to see enlarged lymph nodes in my right armpit.  I then went for my 12 week dermatologist visit and I had a few new areas biopsied and of course it came back positive for cancer again.  In the last couple of weeks I have also developed a new lump in my breast…….!  Still thinking this again is caught early and I will see my oncologist in December and he will take care of it.  In the mean time I had been having terrible heartburn and acid reflux so I was scheduled for an upper GI.  No big deal lots of people develop heartburn right?  Well it turns out I have Barretts esophagus and a large hiatal hernia.  Another problem that will require surgery and regular monitoring.  Then I get a call from my oncologist and he thinks I need to be seen now and Not in December.  Ok here we go again.  I am sure that this will all turn out ok and it is treatable, although it means more surgeries and more time to heal.  Like I said I am lucky because I keep all my doctors appointments and they keep me alive.  I appreciate all that this life has to offer and I can only pray that in some way, big or small, my posts will help others.  I hope that others can comfort, inspiration, or just the desire to appreciate all that life offers.

I pray that all will have a Happy and safe Halloween.  Don’t forget to appreciate each day and night because tomorrow is not promised to any of us.  Love many, do one good deed a day, and remember to give thanks to our heavenly father.



6 responses

31 10 2015

Thank you for your thoughts and sharing your life. Praying for continued healing and love to surround you daily.

31 10 2015
Patty Knight

Thank you Letha and thank you for helping heal me.

31 10 2015
Michelle Scott

Patty, you are an amazing woman and an inspiration to all. Praying for healing for your various medical issues and for relief from your chronic pain. Love you, girl!

31 10 2015
Michelle Spindler Scott

You are an amazing woman and an inspiration to all! Praying for healing for your medical issues and relief from pain. Lovey you, girl!

31 10 2015
Gail Clodfelter

Thanks for the reminder to live each day to its fullest, Patty! I will continue healing prayers for you.

31 10 2015
Susan Reichling

Your posts are always a blessing. Praying for God’s infinite blessings on you and in your life. May His peace and healing fill your mind, body, and spirit. Amen. Love you..

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