New Beginning: getting ready to ride the waves of a new storm so that I can reach the warm sunny days ahead

24 01 2016

Tomorrow starts the beginning of ending my time with caner.  I will always carry the scars that will remind me of the time we spent together.  I will have a new found ability to appreciate and enjoy every moment that I am blessed to have with family and friends.

I find it so hard to understand the why’s, the how’s and the what could I have done to prevent the ugly and debilitating disease of cancer.  The truth is none of us who have had cancer or who will get cancer may never get the answer to these questions.  The one thing we can all take away from the experience is nothing short of a beautiful miracle that allows us to make the most of the time we have here on earth.  Too many people spend their days working, stressed out, overbooking their schedules or being just plain lazy.  We fail to make time to relax, to call, write or visit family and friends.  We take waking up each day for granted.  It is those actions that cause to many people to go through life too quickly with few cherished memories.  Those of us who have been blessed with cancer manage to make time for the things that are important such as appreciating every minute of every day.  We make a point to catch up with family and friends, check off all those wish list items, tell others we love them…… We make memories for us and for all those who spend time with us.  For the select few of us who can say wow I am a cancer survivor I pray will continute to cherish each day because each day is a gift weather we have cancer or not.  I can say I am happier for this life and for the sincere friendships of those who stayed true to me/us in times of need.

I have been blessed with so many wonderful people in my life and as I go through these next few months I will do my best to continue to keep in touch with everyone.  I will post blogs so others can keep up with me and many more who I have not met can hopefully find encouragement and strength from my words.

I recently got together with a friend that I had not seen in a while.  To my surprise not only did she just finish with a double mastectomy, chemo and radiation but her husband also just finished chemo, radiation and surgery for cancer.  It really is sad to see just how many people are affected by the many different types of cancer.   I plan to continue to keep in touch with my friend and her husband and many others.  I may only be able to talk on the phone, through a text or a blog but I will make a commitment to make some sort of contact with friends.  For those who are really close family and friends I will do my best to visit them or have them visit me.  I am also turning into the crazy and annoying picture person.  I either take pictures when I get the chance to get together with friends or I have them take pictures and send them to me.  I have begun putting together albums with these pictures.  I have also been having fun with my youngest son going through some of these picture albums and reminiscing with him.  You can not believe just how fun it is.  We laugh, we ponder and we cry sometimes but it is something that will keep the mind and spirit filled with joy.

On a totally different note I always like to be prepared, expecially for days that may not be so good.  I am going to put in a big plug for a local business and internet business.  I have always been one to make sure that my family has a good home cooked healthy meals each day.  I may be able to continue this throughout my treatments if I get sick.   If the day comes that I can’t do the cooking I still wanted my family to have good home cooked meals.  We have a a business where I live called “lets make dinner”.  This is a fun place where groups can go and make up good home cooked meals that they then put into freezer containers with labels that have the directions to heating/cooking the meals at a later time.  While this is fun to do with friends or even kids it is also a place where where the employees also make dinners along with the groups. The employees freeze their meals and customers who can’t come in and make up meals.  Anyone can just stop by and buy the pre-made meals. If you want to ensure they have the dinners you want you can also call or email them with this dinners and side dishes you want each month and they will make them up.  You can come in to the business and pick them up or they will even deliver them to your home.  Wow what a great idea.  So if I do get sick I plan on having a few pre-made dinners on hand so my family will still eat a good healthy home made dinners.  I also have done a lot of research on some of the online dinners you can order and then cook at home in your own kitchen.  My youngest son loves to cook which will make this a good option for us as well.  I have found through my research that the best rated online dinners are with “Blue Apron”.  Here you can buy healthy dinners with ingredients that are fresh for the season and they are grown locally.  You can choose from different menus each month with no obligations or commitments to join a club.  This is a little more expensive than “Let’s Make Dinner” but much more fun and healthy for those who like to cook or want to learn to cook.  Blue Apron allows you  pick the meal you want to but and the number of people you want to serve.  Blue Apron will then send you the step by step guide to cooking it.  The kit comes with the exact portions of each item needed to cook the dinner.  What fun.  The menus change monthly and before you know it you will have a chef in your own home making great meals.  My family is almost hoping I don’t feel well so they can experience cooking without the hassle of going grocery shopping.

The link to “lets make Dinner”:

The link to “blue Apron”:

Ok enough babble.  I start chemo tomorrow,  I have meals made and meals ordered, I have this blog to keep family and friends updated on my current experiences with chemo and a checklist of those I want to keep in contact with during this adventure.  When this is over I hope to be cancer free, in the habit of staying in contact with family and friends, enjoying every day and hopefully helping others who may be going through the same thing.


God Bless and may we all find happiness in our hearts.





4 responses

25 01 2016

Sending you love. I am asking that God continue his love and care for your healing. I thank God for bringing you into my life. I know that you have healed on so many levels. May your positive attitude continue for you and all you touch. Aloha

25 01 2016
Patty Knight

Thank you Letha. I believe in the power of prayer and I am thankful to have you in my life and for sending up prayers. May you and your family be healthy and safe this year. Amen

25 01 2016
Linda Birks

Praying for you and your family. You are such an inspiration.

25 01 2016
Gail Clodfelter

Healing prayers continue as you enter the next phase in your cancer treatment, Patty!

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