1 month of Chemo Completed

23 02 2016

What does one month of chemo feel like?  I am sure this is a question that is answered differently by each person who has taken chemo.  I can only say what it has been for me.

The first week I did not feel much different but by the second week I began to feel some changes.  I began noticing changes in my vision.  I first noticied it was getting harder and harder to read items on my phone.  This was not to alarming at first but by the third week I could no longer read anthing up close that was in small font.  According to the side effects noted on the informational incert from each drug this seemed to be a somewhat common experience.  I also began to have terrible stomach cramps, diahrea and vomiting.  The cramps would come after eating and soon the diahrea would follow.  I would on occasion have vomiting as well.  Once again this was a side effect noted on the insert.  So far not to much that was alarming.  I then began week 4.  No changes here just an increase of the frequency of diahrea.

I followed up with my oncologist, had all my blood work done and discussed the side effects of the chemo.  The labs had some slight changes but nothing alarming so that was good.  My oncologist is concerned at how quickly I have begun having visual changes.  He has opted to have me discontinue the chemo for one week, until I have had my appointment with the eye doctor.  He wants to ensure there is nothing more serious causing my visual changes.  If the appointment with the eye doctor is good then back on the chemo and with lab work and scans to follow in another 4 weeks.

I am hopeful that I will go back on the chemo next week and that my lab work continues to look good.  If for some reason there is another reason for my visual changes then we will have to address that before continuting chemo.  In a way this is good as I really want a break from all the stomach cramping and nausea.  I am strong and I know that this is only a small side effect that is temporary.  I know that in the end I will be much better.  I am, as always, so incredibly thankful for all my family and friends who have been supportive throughout my journey.  I am also thankful for the days that I do feel good.  The days are fewer and fewer but in time it will get better.  I could feel more blessed and fortunate for having a good day last saturday.  I had a wonderful suprise 50th birthday fish fry party, the Springfield Kings Bantam hockey team won their game in the semi finals for the Missouri state title and the weather was warm and sunny.  I guess you can’t ask for anything more than that.  I was surrounded by family and friends and fortunately for me I did not get sick.

I pray that for any others who are reading this and either begining treatment or have recently started treatment.  I pray that you will have few if any side effects.  I pray that if you do have side effects that you keep your physician updated of changes immediately.  I pray that one day all of us will be able to say that we are NED, (no evidence of disease).  I pray that all those who are suffering from cancer will get the appropriate care so that we can all say we are survirors.

Appreciate every day, say “I Love You” more often, start your bucket list and begin enjoying life as it is to short.  Don’t miss out on all the fun times, the memories you should be creating and never never take tomorrow for granted.  Love with all your heart.

God Bless You and may we be blessed with another day.




3 responses

24 02 2016

Praying your sight improves. I know you “see” so perfectly in the inner world. Thankful for your amazing attitude. Sending love and aloha. God hear our prayers for your continued healing over our loved one.

24 02 2016
Patti Kain

Love reading your posting, Patty. You are so positive!! Praying for your recovery from this horrible illness. Keep up the positive attitude.

24 02 2016
Gail Clodfelter

Continuing to send healing thoughts and prayers.

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