Follow up after another Pet Scan

4 09 2013

Well as usual I will start with saying that I am sorry for being such a poor blogger.  I know I take too long between posts but here is my latest update.

 I went for my first pet scan since my last surgery and I am following the same path!  Yep another abnormal scan.  I pray that one day they will tell me ya your scan is normal but until then I just take one day at a time.  My last scan showed more enlarged nodes in my armpits and neck, and another new adenoma/tumors.  They are not sure if the cancer has spread again or not but they want to rule out other possibilities first.  There are only several reasons for enlarged lymph nodes, cancer, infection, autoimmune disease, hormone imbalance, rheumatoid arthritis.  Lab results ruled out any type of infections and no rheumatoid arthritis.  I guess I should be thankful that I don’t  have the marker for rheumatoid arthritis.  I am seeing a surgeon in two weeks to run more tests to see if it is possibly an autoimmune  problem like lupus or lymphoma or   cushings syndrome.  Cushing syndrome is a disorder that causes abnormal amounts of cortisol.  The cause of cushings if typically caused from an adrenal adenoma.  Yep I have developed a tumor on my adrenal gland.  I guess the mass found last time in my lung and in my pelvis were lonely so they reproduced.   Typically these adenomas on the adrenal gland are non functioning and do not cause problems however  there are some that are functioning and if this is the case I will have to have it removed.  I am pretty sure they are going to run out of things to remove before long.  Can you imagine if someone digs me up from my grave in a 100 years….They probably won’t know what I am due to all the missing parts.  

On a more serious note.  I am feeling good and I still have my happy, crazy sense of humor so I guess all is good today and most likely will be good for a while.  I will keep everyone posted on my next set of test results.

Oh, I almost forgot.  I just received the new quarterly Lymphoma network magazine and they published the article I wrote.  If your interested in reading it there is a link at the bottom right side of my page. 

I can not thank everyone enough for all your support and prayers.  God Bless you all




9 responses

5 09 2013
Letha DeCaires

For some reason, I was actually happy about all that your wrote. I just had this peace as I read all of this that God is still so much in control and that you can just keep believing all you believe in health and it will be all right. I vote for a bit of a hormone imbalance…if I get to pick…then you can be moody any time you want….hahahaha I have had two bad batches of noni, but I am working on harvesting again this week. I am so praying for you, sending you love and good energy. Thanks for the blog update. Please send the link to the article! Love Letha

Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2013 03:50:28 +0000 To:

5 09 2013
Kay Reuss

You are absolutely amazing in the way you have handled all of this. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you and if we can do anything, please call on us.

5 09 2013
Linda Birks

Stay strong Patty. Love you!

5 09 2013

Patty… what a remarkable woman you are. I pray that good news come quickly, and the medical team supports and guides you toward healing. Hope your boys are doing well… Miss seeing you


Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2013 03:50:30 +0000 To:

5 09 2013
Mary Spindler

Patty, I always appreciate reading your blog, even if it is not always good news. We are praying that the tumors are “non functioning,” and I am always amazed at your ability to put things into perspective for those of us who do not understand the disease. Stupid me – I can’t find the link to your article – could you send me the link by e-mail? We love you and pray that the outcome of this will ultimately be that it goes away forever. Just keep fighting like you have been–I don’t know how you stay so strong throughout. I personally think you are amazing.

5 09 2013
patti kain

I was happy to see your posting, but not happy with the findings. You are so positive, this along with your faith are keeping you so motivated. My prayers will continue going out for you Patty. I hope & pray they do not find anything else.
Miss ya, Patti Kain

9 09 2013
Michelle Spindler Scott

Patty, still praying for you! Can you post a direct link your article? I would love to read it but I haven’t been able to figure out how to get to it.

8 12 2014
Jane Hoffmeister

We love you’Patty and will keep the prayers going!!

8 12 2014
Patty Knight

I love you to.

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