Prayers for all

1 06 2013

Good Morning,It has been a while since I posted last so I must apologize.  I am praying for all those who suffered any damage from the terrible storms running through the country, expecially those around Oklahoma.  As I have said so many times life is precious and too short as none of us are promised tomorrow. Take the time to smell the roses, appreciate the beauty that lies in front of us and most of all tell those you love just how much you love them every day.

Updates, Well I am doing fine, a little tired of the storms and rain and overly anxious to get out in the yard.

I want to remind everyone how important it is to do skin checks…..reminder:  have you check your skin this month?  Have you had anyone check your skin for you?  Tip if you can not see your back side have someone check it for you and a great way to do this is to have them take your phone and snap a quick picture of your back.  You can then look at it yourself and you can compare from month to month to check for changes.  (tip from my dermatologist, Thanks Cassandra Clamen MD.)  I must share that a co-worker found a new mole and had Dr. Clamen remove it last week and is awaiting her results so prayers go out for her that this was benign and just a scare.  I am thankful she not only does her skin checks but she showed this to someone as soon as she found it.  What to look for? Any new moles, any moles that are changing, any moles that are raised up above the level of the skin, any moles that are very dark or black in color.  For a video on how to do a skin check please use the link on the side bar of this page for the melanoma International Foundation,

June is Melanoma awareness month.  I want to thank Dr. Clamen for asking me to work with her to create a radio add that will air on 5 of our local radio stations for the entire month of June.  This is so exciting and if we can help others understand the dangers of melanoma and the increase of people being diagnosed we can hopefully save a life.  I can begin thanking Dr. Clamen for finding my cancer and all the wonderful oncologist and surgeons who have contributed to saving my life.

I also want to let everyone know that I have been asked to write an article for the lymphadema network quarterly publication.  I will add this link to the side bar as well.

Lymphadema is one of those side effects from the removal of lymph nodes that must be managed.  With the increase in melanoma we are also seeing an increase in patients suffering from lymphadema.  Please take the time to look at this site as it offers some great insight into understanding and managing lymphadema.

I feel so blessed that I have been asked to help share in the education and awareness of melanoma and lympadema.  I am not sure what God has planned for me in this life but I am thankful for the experiences and opportunities he has placed before me.  Although this journey has not always been easy it has opened my eyes to whats truly important in life, introduced me to many individuals, both in healthcare and patients and friends, and the opportunity to share my experience with other.  God Bless Everyone for being a part of my journey and Bless those who are just beginning their journey.



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2 06 2013
Mary Spindler

Thanks, Patty, for sharing this. You are amazing, and I admire you for your positive attitude and for what you are doing to educate others about what they can do to prevent this from happening to them. Awareness is key to all of us in managing our health. I am looking forward to the article you are writing for the lymphadema network. I think of you daily, and send our love to all of you!

3 06 2013
Linda Eck

Thanks for this email. Valuable tips. Count on my prayers for you and your sons.
Linda Eck

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